Shower Enclosure Services

Raleigh Glass Co. is a distributor of quality products from Coral and Cardinal Industries. All manufactured products are produced with a commitment to quality. We specialize in a complete line of architectural products and bath enclosures, which can be customized to meet your individual needs. Visit our gallery page for more project ideas.

Residential glass shower doors increase the functionality and enrich the overall appearance of one of the most used areas in a home.  We provide a wide variety of styles, sizes, and glass options. Our shower enclosures are guaranteed to provide years of dependable service and are a great way to add beauty and value to your home.

Raleigh Glass offers a complete line of enclosures ranging from traditional framed and frameless units such as our HydroSlide Showers to heavy glass frameless doors that are featured in today’s most upscale baths. Heavy glass units combine panes of "3/8” glass with minimal metal, exemplifying the “less is more” concept and revealing the luxurious beauty of glass enclosures in unique and custom baths.





We build custom Framed, Framless, and HydroSlide showers in an array of glass styles and hardware finishes.

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